6 Must-Have Fall Accessories as You Get Older, Advises from Stylists

Don’t Miss Out on These Pieces as The Weather Cools Down, Fashion Experts Suggest.

Autumn becomes the prime season for accessories. During spring and summer, it’s often too hot for extras like scarves or jewelry, and in winter, they tend to get overshadowed by oversized outerwear.

As we grow older, our approach to accessorizing evolves, becoming more refined. The days of hurriedly grabbing anything by the door are gone. We now take our time, carefully choosing pieces that perfectly complement our outfits.

6 Must-Have Fall Accessories as You Get Older

If you sense a lack of key items in your collection, fret not. Here, personal stylists reveal the must-have accessories for fall that can instantly elevate your appearance. Add these to your wardrobe, and they’ll remain timeless.

1. Eye-catching sunglasses

Smiling Woman Outdoor Portrait. Short blonde hair fashion model wears stylish clothes, double-breasted jacket, leather handbag, ochre knitted scarf and glasses. Fashion trend of autumn or spring

With age, it’s worth considering sunglasses suitable for every season.

“For fall, swap your summer shades for something more robust and chic, like oversized tortoiseshell frames, cat-eye Havanas, or mirrored aviators,” advises Elizabeth Kosich, image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling. “Opt for substantial materials such as acetate and high-polish metals. Experiment with lenses in blue, yellow, green, or ombré for a fresh look.”

Heavier frames complement the shift from light dresses to thicker knits.

2. Glamorous clutch

Golden purse and pearl necklace on pink background

Chilly weather invites a touch of sparkle—both literally and figuratively.

“A chic, glitzy clutch for evenings, preferably with a shoulder strap, is a favorite,” notes personal stylist Alisa Neely. “It’s versatile, pairing well with evening gowns or jeans for a night out, adding a festive touch without overpowering your look.”

Ensure it is spacious enough for essentials, merging style with functionality.

3. Stylish arm jewelry

woman neck with hand with many bracelets

With the sweaty days of summer gone, it’s time to showcase your jewelry collection.

“The mild fall weather lets you flaunt cropped styles—pants, hems, and sleeves—so make the most of them,” advises Kosich. “Bracelet sleeve jackets are ideal for fall, offering a platform for arm cuffs, bangles, or a mix of chains and charm bracelets in your preferred metal—gold for warmth, silver for cool tones.”

For a minimalist style, infuse color with gemstones like turquoise or tiger’s eye.

4. Chelsea boots

Stylish senior woman wearing blue dress and plaid wool flannel jacket with boots

A refined shoe can perfect any fall ensemble, and many stylists recommend the Chelsea boot.

“From wide-leg to flared ankle crops, it complements every pant style,” adds Kosich. “The same versatility applies to dresses and skirts, thanks to the hosiery pairing with Chelsea boots.”

Comfortable and chic, owning them in black and tan ensures they complement any outfit.

5. Statement tights

Stylish senior woman in a jean jacket and pink tights

Hosiery can transform your outfit, providing an extra layer of style.

“Choose opaque statement tights in vivid solids, playful prints, or geometric patterns to introduce texture or color—or both,” suggests Kosich. “Remember, statement tights are an accessory, so balance them with your jewelry.”

They’re effortless to style but add a remarkable touch to your ensemble.

6. Snake-effect footwear

Snake skin or crocodile skin women shoes and purse on the wood background

If you’re investing in one “going-out shoe,” Neely recommends snake-effect leather heels or boots. “They effortlessly enhance any outfit, exuding a sexy yet effortless vibe,” she says.

The texture complements fall, but with the right styling, they can be a year-round staple. Pair slingbacks with trousers or knee-high boots with a midi dress or skirt.

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