How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay For Ps4?

You wish to sell your PS4, though. Are you wondering how much money to demand at the pawn shop? Based on the model, storage size, and overall device quality, a secondhand PS4 might cost anywhere from $150 to $250. The PS4 is the most in-demand gaming console, so most Pawn shops would love to buy yours right now! Do you want to know what their cost is? Find out by reading on!

How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay for PS4?

A PS4 costs $23o on average when traded at pawn shops. The price of a new PS4 is at present $399.99.

So, how much is a secondhand PS4 worth? Today, most repurchase shops will give you around $131 to $166 for a used original PS4. In comparison to the PS4 Pro, it is not much.

What proportion does a pawn business provide you in regards? You must leave your things when you pawn it at a shop; the most prevalent belongings to be pawned include jewelry, electronics, cameras, musical equipment, and weapons. The pawnbroker typically lends you between 25% and 60% of the item’s value in exchange for item resale value.

A pawn shop credit typically ranges from $75 to $100.

Is selling or pawning worth more money?

When opposed to pawning, the critical advantage of selling is that you receive a significantly higher value. If you possessed a $1,000 watch, the loan you would receive by pawning it might only be $300. Nevertheless, if you decide to sell the watch, you might make up to $800.

How Can I Use A Pawn Shop To My Advantage?

  • You’re welcome to show kindness.
  • Make sure the things you want to sell are tidy.
  • Make no great deal about why you require the money.
  • Remember that the store you are approaching sells what you carry before taking it in.
  • You shouldn’t try to market seasonal goods when the season isn’t right.
  • You must on no occasion accept the first offer that comes your way.
  • Ensure you’re equipped for the stroll…
  • Before choosing, consider your choices.

Steps to Take When Selling PS4

Clear the records

Spend time wiping the drive’s contents if the device has been utilized. You can achieve this by returning the system to its default factory configuration. This will assist erase the private information from the device and undoing any changes that have taken place.


Cleaning the system may be one of the most acceptable ways to prepare it, depending on its state. You can go on if the device is brand-new and still wrapped in plastic. Wipe the console with a soft microfiber cloth to get rid of dirt and filth. This can help you determine whether the console has dents or scrapes that could affect the pricing. Additionally, controllers should be cleaned, ensuring no damage to the hardware.

Ensure that buttons can be moved smoothly and are tidy. Take a piece of fabric, wrap it around the cord for the mono earphone and power wires, and then carefully draw the cable between your fingers. Cleaning cables in this manner is simple and quick. Do not tug too firmly, or you risk damaging the wires. In addition, the PS4 box can be cleaned while being careful not to use any damp materials or sprays.

Take Pictures

Capture pictures of the device and components if you sell them in person or online. An excellent approach to remembering what dings and scratches the equipment contains and what accessories came with it is through pictures. 

Make sure there is nothing in the picture’s background that would detract from the image when placing the goods in a well-lit place. Take numerous shots of the system from various perspectives, paying particular attention to any scratches or scars. Snap photographs of the PS4’s components, individually and collectively, along with the box. Also include the Quick Start Guide, where you can readily see the figures, text, and clear images of the serial numbers.

Pack in the box

The PS4 should ideally still be in its original box when sold because this will significantly raise its value. Cardboard inserts in the PS4 packaging protect the device and simplify transporting it. Put the products neatly into their plastic packaging if you have any after the system has been cleaned and dried. Or else, then reinstall the system in its proper sections. Make sure you carefully curl the cords and a mono headphone before securing them with a twisty clip or Ziploc bag. The cables will be more organized and look better if they are separated. The “Welcome to the World of PlayStation” PS4 Quick Start Guide includes a separate plastic box portion and packing.

Sell time

You’re ready to sell when the system has been cleaned, prepared, and priced reasonably. Clarify any dents, scratches, missing or replacement controllers and wires. Have a precise understanding of your price going in, but also an adjustable range. You’ll be well on your way to marketing more quickly and effectively if you stick to these procedures.

The Takeaway?

-A PS4 costs an average of $236.21 in pawn shops. The price of a brand-new PS4 is present $399.99.

-The average process of selling is 25 days.

-The highest turnover rates are between November and April

Systems that have been expertly repaired to working condition by a company or manufacturer-approved suppliers are known as manufacturer’s refurbished systems. This denotes that the product is in pristine shape and has been examined, cleaned, and mended following manufacturer requirements. It could or might not be in the original packing.

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