How to Look Stylish While Bundled Up: The Ultimate Strategy for Stylish Winter Bundling Feel Chic Without The Bulk, According To Stylists.

Maintaining a sense of style can be challenging as temperatures plummet. While fall allows for creative layering and trendy coats, winter often demands bulky outerwear and practical accessories that conceal your fashion choices. Nevertheless, there’s a silver lining—if you master the art of bundled-up style, you can effortlessly exude chic vibes every time you step out, even if you’re donning a sweatsuit underneath. To assist you in achieving this essential winter look, we’ve consulted stylists for their go-to approach for looking stylish while bundled up. They’ve shared their top tip, along with additional suggestions to help you refine your winter fashion game.

How to Look Stylish While Bundled Up

1. Accessorize!

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When it comes to a bundled-up look, personal stylists emphasize the significance of accessories. Noelle Gaetano, an NYC-based stylist, notes, “After covering up your cute outfit with a warm, heavy jacket, it’s crucial to add a cute scarf, hat, and gloves to elevate your outfit from simple to stylish.” Gaetano suggests a pro tip: “Matching your hat, scarf, and gloves with a bold statement color is a fun way to add a pop of color to your outfit and make you stand out!” Elizabeth Kosich, certified image stylist, and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, concurs, stating, “Winter accessories are also where you can discover a signature look that can play on repeat through the season.”

2. Try a fur-trimmed coat. 

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Opting for a fur-trimmed coat streamlines your accessorizing efforts. Kosich highlights, “Fur-trimmed coats not only add a touch of glamour, but they also command the gaze up and toward the face as an outfit’s focal point.” This serves as a strategic move to divert attention from a potentially blocky winter silhouette while keeping you warm in cold temperatures. Kosich suggests exploring coats with detachable faux fur collars to experiment with the look before committing to a new coat.

3. Opt for an hourglass silhouette. 

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Combat the bulkiness of winter coats by embracing an hourglass silhouette. Kosich advises, “The trick is to taper at the waist, so shop for belted wool coats or puffers with elastic corded waistbands for the most flattering lines.” Additionally, consider on-trend maxi coats with slender silhouettes, offering a natural elongation to any shape. This approach ensures warmth without the feeling of being engulfed by your jacket.

4. Try fun colors. 

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Ditch the notion that winter style is limited to minimalist neutrals. Gaetano encourages injecting personality into bundled-up looks by incorporating bold colors and patterns into accessories. Opt for a hot pink or lime green hat instead of a neutral option for a quirky and fun touch, especially on mittens.

5. Shop standout scarves. 

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Scarves play a pivotal role in enhancing your winter ensemble. Kosich suggests using scarves to introduce accent colors, prints, or patterns to an outerwear color column. Experiment with your best versatile power color or go bold with a plaid or fall floral design. Even monochrome looks can be elevated with textured neutral scarves, providing tone-on-tone visual interest when paired with other neutrals. Elevate your style effortlessly with these tips, ensuring a chic appearance despite the winter chill.


Embrace winter style with a focus on accessories, as highlighted by personal stylists who emphasize the transformative power of scarves, hats, and gloves. Opting for a fur-trimmed coat not only adds glamour but strategically directs attention toward the face, combating the potential bulkiness of winter wear. Achieve a flattering hourglass silhouette by choosing belted wool coats or puffers with elastic corded waistbands. Infuse fun and personality into your bundled-up look by experimenting with bold colors and patterns, particularly in accessories like hats and mittens, ensuring a chic and stylish appearance throughout the colder months.

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