How to Find Great Clothing Deals at Costco: Insights from Retail Professionals

When Costco comes to mind, it’s often about giant-sized snacks, bakery delights, and flavourful rotisserie chicken. Yet, take a pause and explore their fashion aisle—you might be pleasantly surprised. Costco offers top-notch basics, from their own Kirkland line to unexpected designer labels, setting the stage for high-quality finds.

How to Find Great Clothing Deals at Costco

However, to uncover the best deals, knowing a few savvy shopping tricks is key. Here, we sought advice from experts to uncover their top tips for pocket-friendly clothes shopping at Costco.

1. Get Acquainted with the Apparel Coupon.

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Experts highly recommend scouting for clothing deals at Costco online. Why? Well, the retailer has incredible discounts accessible via the Costco Clothing Coupon.

“Though the exact coupon savings vary, there’s always one available, enabling Costco members to save between 20 to 35 percent,” notes Marie Clark, a retail expert and editor at CostContessa.

Most often, the deal entails saving $30 on buying five items or $50 on purchasing 10, with higher discounts during sales. The best part? You don’t have to keep tabs on the coupon.

“As long as your order meets the minimum, the coupon gets automatically applied, adding savings to your cart,” explains Clark.

2. Layer Your Coupons.

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The clothing coupon isn’t the sole savings route. For genuine discounts, stack it atop sale and clearance prices.

“Discovering Costco’s clearance deals online follows the same pattern as in-store: Keep an eye out for prices ending in 7 or 0,” advises Clark.

For instance, a pair of women’s pajamas originally $14.99 marked down to $9.97 could end up costing $5 when using the clothing coupon after purchasing 10 items.

3. Hoard Wardrobe Essentials.

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Stylists often recommend stocking up on wardrobe essentials from Costco.

“Basic items like socks, underwear, and activewear are great finds at Costco for their excellent value,” mentions Bhavin Swadas, Coupon Saturn’s founder. “Plus, seasonal pieces like winter jackets or athleisure wear offer top-notch quality at unbeatable prices.”

To get a hands-on feel, consider visiting the store in person.

4. Hunt for Renowned Brands.

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While Kirkland is a Costco staple, the store occasionally showcases brands like 7 For All Mankind, Banana Republic, or Levi’s.

“Keep an eye out for seasonal selections from established brands such as Calvin Klein, Adidas, or Tommy Hilfiger, often available at unbelievable prices,” shares Swadas. Sometimes, you might stumble upon a Burberry trench coat!

5. Explore Extended Sizes.

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Costco stocks extended sizes online, a lesser-known fact. “Many overlook this,” says Clark.

Interestingly, these sizes usually come with substantial discounts. “Since few are aware these sizes are online, they often sport the best clearance selection,” Clark adds.

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