How to Jump Start A Car With A Spare Battery? (10 Steps & Expert Tips)

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Most of the time, the car’s battery gets drained out, and the car doesn’t start. Thus, you have to jump start the battery anyhow. You might have heard about initiating the battery with a spare battery. 

Thus, in this guide, we have mentioned a 10-step simple process to jumpstart your car. To start your vehicle now, read the article for just 2 minutes!! 

Why Did Your Car Battery Drain Out? 

There are various reasons behind the car battery draining out. We have mentioned some of the common reasons below: 

Reason #1: Car Headlights Left On After Parking

Most of the time, we must remember to switch off the car’s headlights while parking. It drains the battery as we leave our car in the parking lot. Therefore, it is one of the most common reasons behind draining the battery. But car developers have now started installing the alarms in the cat, which indicates the turned-on headlights. 

Reason #2: Leaving Electronic Devices For A Longer Than Normal

It is one of the biggest reasons behind the battery draining out. We often need to remember to keep our smartphones charging in the car. These gadgets consume the battery very quickly. Therefore, keep your devices in the vehicles for a short time. 

Reason #3: You Left The Music System On

It is one of the widespread mistakes we leave the sound system on in the car. It quickly kills the battery. Therefore, you should also ensure not to let your music system on. 

Why Do You Need To Jump Start A Car?

Car battery plays a vital role in initiating the ignition process of the car. Thus, you can not start your vehicle with a drained-out battery. 

In technical terms, the car’s starter motor requires a heavy dosage of current to initiate the crankshaft rotation in the car. This leads to compression of the stroke and the spark of the plugs. It simply starts the car. 

Thus, when a battery is drained out and unable to initiate the heavy dose of current, the entire car won’t be able to start. 

10 Steps to Jump Start A Car With A Spare Battery

Step – 1: First, you need to put the car in safe gear and keep in mind wearing eyewear and rubber gloves. 

Step – 2: Open the hood of your car and reach for the battery inserted in it. Checkout if it has any signs of corrosion, dirt, and debris. All these factors can also stop the battery from getting started. 

Step – 3: Take out the multimeter and check whether your battery has enough power to jumpstart the car. Reading should be 12 volts. 

Step – 4: Take your spare battery and keep it close to the battery fit in the car. There should not be much difference between the batteries while connecting them. 

Step – 5: Figure out both positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. The positive terminal generally comes up in red, and the negative terminal comes up in black. 

Step – 6: Connect one end of the jumper cable to the dead battery’s positive terminal while the other end is with the positive terminal of the spare battery. 

Step – 7: Take another jumper cable and connect the battery’s negative end. They will spark if they get connected very well. 

Step – 8: Now, come back to your driver’s seat and try to start the car. It would help if you let your engine run for some time before disconnecting the cables. 

Step – 9: You should keep in mind to disconnect the cables in the reverse order. In simple words, disconnect the negative and positive terminals first. 

Step – 10: You should keep driving your car for at least 30 minutes so your battery can recharge.

Final Words 

These are the ten steps to jumpstart your car anywhere. Follow all the steps carefully to avoid any uncertain accident. We hope you like the guide and find the relevant information in the guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you jumpstart a spare car battery?

Take out the jumper cable and connect the negative ends of both the batteries and the positive ends of both batteries. It will create a spark. You can start your car after then. It will get started. We suggest that you drive your vehicle for at least 30 minutes. It will recharge the battery. 

  • What are the 5 steps to jumpstart a car?

There are five simple steps to jumpstart the car with a spare battery:

  1. You have to bring your extra battery close to the car’s battery. 
  2. Take two jumper cables and connect the same ends of the car’s battery and spare battery. 
  3. You will see a spark there. 
  4. It would help if you tried to start your car then. 
  5. Disconnect the jumper cable in the reverse order. Simply disconnect the negative ends first, then the positive ones.
  • Can I jumpstart the car with another battery? 

If your starter battery gets discharged, you can try to fix it with another battery. Attach both the battery’s ends with the help of jumper cables. It will directly help you jumpstart the car with another battery

  • What are the easiest steps to jumpstart a car?

Let’s have a look at some of the easiest steps to jumpstart a car:

  1. Close your engine primarily before starting working.
  2. Turn the power off. 
  3. Connect the positive terminal to the positive one.
  4. Connect the negative terminal to the negative one. 
  5. Keep all the safety measures. 
  6. Start the car.
  7. Disconnect the cables now.
  • How do you jump-start step by step?

Let’s have a look at how you can jump-start step by step

  1. Park the cars facing each other.
  2. Open the hoods of both cars and find out the batteries.
  3. Find out the positive and negative terminals of both batteries.
  4. Connect the positive to positive and negative to negative with a jumper cable.
  5. It will create a spark.
  6. Try to start your car now. 
  • What are the basic steps to start a car?

We have mentioned some of the basic steps to start a car:

  1. Put your key in and turn the ignition on. 
  2. Then, you have to press the brake pedal of the vehicle.
  3. Switch your vehicle’ gear to the Drive (D). 
  4. Gradually 

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