5 Ways to Style a Classic White Shirt Over 50, to Make Your Mornings Easier

White shirts serve as the foundation for any wardrobe, recommended by most stylists in various forms such as T-shirts, button-downs, and tank tops. This diversity ensures you always have a versatile piece to layer with outfits, whether they are casual, professional, or suitable for a night out.

However, the repetitive sight of your white shirt collection can lead to outfit fatigue, especially after 50 when finding a balance between sophistication and trendiness is crucial.

5 Ways to Style a Classic White Shirt Over 50

Personal stylist share their favorite ways to style white shirts for women in their sixth decade and beyond, providing you with endless outfit options.

1. With Slacks and a Blazer:

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Elevate a white T-shirt by layering it under a blazer and pairing it with slacks. Marlene Anzaldua, a Chicago-based fashion stylist, suggests accessorizing with light jewelry and loafers for a classic look. To make it more casual, switch the blazer for a cardigan or denim jacket, the loafers for fashion sneakers, or replace slacks with crisp jeans. The choice of tee matters, with personal stylist Victoria Delane recommending cotton or linen for durability and versatility in different seasons.

2. With Jeans and a Funky Accessory:

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Transform the classic jeans-and-T-shirt combo by opting for a white button-down. Accessorize with a belt, kitten heels, a round fedora, and personalized jewelry, as suggested by Anzaldua. This adds flair and personality to the outfit, making it uniquely yours.

3. With a Midi Leather Skirt:


For an unexpected yet elegant look, pair a white T-shirt with a midi-length leather skirt, recommends Anzaldua. Adding a scarf at the neck and pairing with ankle or knee-high boots creates a mature and versatile ensemble suitable for professional settings or date nights. In winter, layer with a chunky knit and a long coat for warmth and style.

4. Underneath a Strappy Dress:

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If you have a strappy or sleeveless dress and desire more coverage, layer a white T-shirt underneath. This adds youthfulness and functionality to your wardrobe while maintaining style, especially effective when the dress contrasts with the shirt, such as bold prints or bright jewel tones.

5. With a Knot at the Waist:

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Change the shape of your white shirt by tying the bottom of a button-down into a knot around your belly button area. This accentuates the waistline in a classy way, providing a cropped look without revealing the stomach. Delane suggests wearing the shirt in this style over a dress or pairing it with jeans, shorts, or a skirt for a versatile and youthful appearance.

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