A Makeup Expert’s Favorite Dollar Tree Items: Top Quality Products At Rock Bottom Prices

When Dollar Tree, the promise of great deals comes hand in hand with the uncertainty of product quality. Amidst the array of offerings at this discount store, there are hidden gems that offer significant value for the price, but not every item lives up to expectations. A seasoned “mature beauty” influencer, known as Melissa (@mtagbeauty), has shared her Dollar Tree favorites, shedding light on the makeup and fashion items she finds consistently worthwhile, with three particular standouts that have become her go-to purchases.

A Makeup Expert’s Favorite Dollar Tree Items

1. L.A. Colors Lengthening Mascara

Screenshot of TikTok makeup expert holding up Dollar Tree mascara

L.A. Colors Lengthening Mascara, a product she hails as a regular addition to her shopping cart throughout 2023. According to Melissa, the mascara delivers unbeatable length and volume for a mere $1.25, making it a reliable and budget-friendly beauty staple.

2. Mask Applicator

Screenshot of TikTok makeup expert holding up Dollar Tree mask applicator

Another practical addition to Melissa’s Dollar Tree finds is the plastic mask applicator. Beyond its intended purpose, she ingeniously repurposes it as a versatile beauty tool, using one end to extract moisturizer from containers and the other end for precise application, aiding in creating eye shadows or winged eyeliner looks.

3. Faux Tortoise Shell Hoop Earrings

Screenshot of TikTok makeup expert holding up Dollar Tree tortoise shell hoop earrings

Moving beyond beauty essentials, Melissa explores Dollar Tree’s accessory offerings and points out her preference for faux tortoise shell hoop earrings. Emphasizing the lightweight nature of these earrings, she appreciates their comfort, especially as she has discovered that heavy hoops can become burdensome with prolonged wear. Suggesting a stylish pairing with a simple black outfit, Melissa notes that these earrings consistently draw compliments.

Additional Beauty Treasures

Screenshot of TikTok makeup expert holding up Dollar Tree foundation stick

Beyond these three staples, Melissa uncovers additional beauty treasures during her Dollar Tree haul. She praises a spot concealer by Candy Moyo Longwear, Goody hair elastics, and a vibrant L.A. Colors blush in the shade Sweet Cheeks. Expressing her admiration for the blush color’s on-trend appeal, she underscores its allure as a popular pink shade.


One particularly exciting discovery in Melissa’s shopping expedition is a Maybelline foundation stick in the shade Warm Coconut. Enthusiastically, she contemplates its potential as a bronzer, marking it as a significant score among her Dollar Tree finds.

Through Melissa’s insights, Dollar Tree shoppers gain a valuable perspective on the products that deliver both affordability and quality, making their shopping experience more informed and satisfying.

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