CR123A Vs 18650 Battery: What’s The Difference?

Topic: “CR123A Vs. 18650 Battery: What’s The Difference?

The CR123A and 18650 batteries are among the most popular batteries in the market. These batteries are known as primary and secondary batteries; both have their own criterias. Thus, you need to select the battery after knowing the clear difference between both batteries. 

Thus, this guide consists of in-depth information that tells you a clear difference between CR124A and 18650 batteries. Stay tuned to the blog if you’re also looking for the major differences between both batteries. 

What are CR123A Batteries?

It is a duracell cr123a battery.

CR123A is a popular lithium battery used in various high-power electronic devices, including flashlights, cameras, etc. They are also commonly known as 123 cells, CR123 batteries, or even EL123, SF123, and DL123. These are non-rechargeable batteries but are easily available at any store in your town. These CR123A batteries cost around $4 if purchased from retail stores or $1.20 if purchased in bulk. 

They are very popular batteries in their domain with an amazing temperature-bearing range. You can freely use these batteries in extremely cold or hot environments for 10 years. While comparing the lithium-ion 18650 vs cr123 size, the lithium one won’t last for even half of this period. These batteries carry 3V per cell and have an internal capacity between 1000mAh to 1500mAh. They are 16mm to 35mm. 


  • The battery’s shelf life is around 10 years if you keep them carefully. Thus, they are honestly a reliable power source. 
  • It has a wide temperature-bearing capacity from -40⁰C to 85⁰C, allowing it to be used in any condition, including war. 
  • These batteries are easily available in a local town because of their higher needs and popularity. 


  • The non-rechargeable batteries contain various chemicals that make it essential to be disposed of so that they won’t harm the environment. 
  • It is not a versatile option as it is incompatible with many devices. 

What are 18650 Batteries?

It is a 18650 battery rechargeable.

The batteries are named based on their physical proportions, like the 18mm diameter and 65mm length. It also has a voltage range of 3.2V to 3.6V with an average capacity ranging from 3000mAh to 6000mAh. These cells also discharge themselves at 2% per month, eventually leading to a 30% decrease in a year.  

Therefore, these cells work at their best for 2-3 years without a problem. However, charging even your unused battery 3-4 times is always a better idea to make them last longer. In this battery segment, there are some varieties of batteries that you can select based on your needs and demand. 

They are high-energy density batteries capable of storing a huge amount of energy in a very small place. The best thing about these batteries is that these batteries can be recharged hundreds of times before being replaced. These batteries are generally used in laptops, flashlights, and other electronic devices. The tesla also has similar batteries


  • 18650 batteries are of high energy density, which allows them to store so much energy in a very compact size. 
  • These batteries are so versatile, as they can be used in laptops, flashlights, vapes etc. 
  • These batteries can be recharged more than a hundred times before replacement. 


  • Comparing the 18650 vs CR123 size, the 18650 batteries don’t fit in various devices, which limits its emerging versatility. 
  • These batteries are more prone to explode if not taken care of properly. 
  • They cost higher initially but might be a cost-effective option in the long run. 

Difference Between 18650 vs CR123 Battery

Both batteries have a prominent place in the market. Many ask questions, including “Can I use 18650 instead of CR123?” or “Can I use 2 CR123 instead of 18650?”

Thus, we have mentioned various factors that would give you a clear difference between both batteries in the market. 

1. Energy Density

Generally, both CR123A and 18650 batteries are high-energy-density batteries. However, the 18650 battery has more energy density than the CR123A batteries. Thus, the 18650 battery will store more energy. 

2. Rechargeability 

The 18650 batteries are rechargeable, and CR123A are non-rechargeable batteries. This adds one more point to the table of 18650 batteries, as it is a cost-efficient option because you can use it several times. 

3. Compatibility 

Both batteries are required for different devices. Simply, some of the devices require CR123A batteries, while some of them require only 18650 batteries. Therefore, it is essential to check your device’s specifications.

4. Size 

The CR124A batteries are smaller than the 18650 batteries. Therefore, both batteries have their usage. 

 5. Price

The CR123A battery purchase price is a lot lower than the 18560 battery. However, you can easily charge the 18650 battery around 500 times. Thus it becomes more cost-efficient in the long run. 

6. Stand-By Battery  

The CR123A battery can last around 10 years without needing to be charged, but the 18650 battery will be drained out in 2-3 years. Thus, it would help if you tried to carry the CE123A batteries in survival situations. 

Final Words 

This is a clear guide for the CR123A vs 18650 battery. The CR123A is a befitting battery for devices requiring smaller batteries, as they have a longer shelf life and don’t require frequent battery replacement. At the same time, the 18650 batteries are more versatile and cost-effective because of their rechargeability feature. We hope you like this guide and find all the essential information.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is 18650 battery same as CR123A?

The 18650 batteries are rechargeable, while the CR123A batteries are non-rechargeable. The 18650 batteries last around 2 years in one go, during the CR123A batteries, generally last for 10 years. However, the 18650 batteries can easily be recharged. Thus, they would be more cost-effective. 

  • What battery can I substitute for CR123A?

CPR2 batteries are one of the easy replacements for the CR123A batteries in some of the devices because both batteries have similar dimensions. Both consist of 35mm in length, 36mm in height, and 19.5mm in diameter. The best thing about these CPR2 cells is that one cell can easily replace two Duracell 123. 

  • What battery replaces a 18650?

The 18650 battery can easily be replaced by the 21700 batteries, especially in the EV battery packs. Both the battery’s capacity ranges from 4,000mAh to 5,000mAh.

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