How Long Does Drone Battery Life Last? (How To Improve It?)

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Drones are commonly used devices to shoot various scenes in video content. These drones have traditionally replaced the immense cost of helicopters to shoot various scenes. Drones are better in all forms but have the only drawback of a short battery life span. It generally has a battery life of around 15-20 minutes. However, there are still certain ways to increase your drone’s battery life that we have mentioned in this guide. 

Ideal Time Duration of a Drone Battery 

Generally, the top model drones have 20-30 minutes of battery life. While the mid-level drones lead 15-20 minutes of battery life. The toy-based drone comes up even with a little battery life of 5-10 minutes. However, you can also buy a powerful battery from another trusted company. For instance, you can go for several batteries mentioned below:

  • Autel Dragonfish Pro – 8200 mAh (158 minutes) 
  • Autel Dragonfish Standard – 8200 mAh (126 minutes)
  • Autel Dragonfish Lite – 8200 mAh (83 minutes)
  • DJI Mavic 3 – 5000 mAh (46 minutes) 

4 Major Factors That Affects The Drones Battery Life 

1. Drone’s Weight 

A lighter weighed drone flies longer than the heavier one. Many drones have the same features and battery capacity but differ in weight. You might be thinking of what makes one drone heavier while the other lighter. The additional cameras, prop guards, spare propellers, and motors make the difference. Simply, these elements sharpen the features of your drone while consuming more battery power. 

2. Battery Type and its Capacity 

The type and capacity of the battery used in the drones directly decide how long a battery lasts. You can understand this concept better when using two similar drones with different battery capacities. As time passes, battery power reduces. Thus, it would help if you properly took care of your battery to keep your drone battery last longer. In the drones, the battery ranges from 200-20,000 mAh. You should select your battery based on your work requirements, as the price also increases with the battery capacity.

3. Drone’s Flight Mode 

The flight mode of your drone also impacts the drone’s battery life. For instance, when you fly the drone faster, it drains the battery faster. Thus, use your drone optimistically. Otherwise, the battery will die sooner despite having a higher capacity. Moreover, flying your drone in beginner and normal modes will keep your battery alive longer. Simply, when you fly the drone over a slower speed, it keeps your drone having the least burden and lasts longer. 

4. Weather Condition 

The drone should be filled in weather conditions only. Otherwise, the battery won’t last even for minutes. For instance, flying the drone in extremely high or low weather temperatures makes your battery drain faster. Even the drone shows battery problems in the high windy condition. Therefore, try to fly the drone in clean and calm weather only. 

How To Improve Drones Battery Life? 

1. Remove The Excess Weight 

As we have read earlier, extra weight reduces the battery faster. It is better to reduce as much weight as possible. You can remove the prop guard, sensors, and cameras. However, these elements make your drone perform better and consume more battery. However, it would be best if you also were careful while flying your drone without the prop guard, as any mistake could lead to significant damage to your drone.   

2. Remove Cameras If Not Using 

Cameras take a lot of power from a drone, whether you use the cameras or not. Thus, it would be better to remove the cameras when you don’t use them. You will be shocked to see the battery performance of your drone without cameras. 

3. Fly Slowly 

The faster you fly your drones, the more battery will drain out. Thus, it is better to keep your drone at a slower pace. Plus, cinematic or sports modes also take up a lot of power. It would be better to use it without any specific reason. However, if you need to use those fantastic modes, it would be better to use high-power capacity batteries. 

4. Upgrade To The High Power Batteries 

If you need your drones, investing some money in high-power batteries would be better. Take a new high-voltage capacity of the highest quality. Select a trusted and famous brand to get a high-power battery in the same weight range. 

5. Carry Extra Batteries 

Keeping extra batteries can help you fly your drone for more hours. It would be a helpful way out when you have more work with the drone in a single day. At that time, we recommend carrying two batteries of 20 minutes of power instead of four batteries of 10 minutes each. It will allow you to have more quality over quantity and not increase the weight. 

6. Fly Drone Only In the Right Conditions 

Using the drone in an extremely rough conditions may lead to excessive battery draining. Simply, extremely harsh weather makes the drone consume more power than usual. Moreover, harsh weather conditions can also harm your battery and drone. Therefore, it is better to use the drone only in good condition. 

7. Take Care of The Battery 

Taking care of the drone’s battery will help contribute to its long life. To increase the life of your battery, you need to follow instructions made by the company regarding recharging the battery. Also, charge your battery at a normal temperature to avoid unnecessary damage. It is generally better for the drones to charge them from 30-40%. 

To Wrap Up 

Drones are one of the best devices to shoot various cinematic shots. But most drones have a single drawback of a smaller battery life. The battery performance of a drone consists of various factors that include the drone’s weight, battery capacity, weather conditions and flight mode. Therefore, we have mentioned all the factors that can help you increase the battery life of a drone. 

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