Dillon Danis Brutally Punched By Anthony Taylor

Topic: Dillon Danis Brutally Punched By Anthony Taylor: Surveillance and body-camera footage published online by the Ross County Sheriff’s Office has gone viral. The video depicts a deadly gunfight between Sergeant Eric Kocheran and an individual outside the Sheriff’s Office.

What Exactly Has Happened?

In a Friday news statement, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost named Nicholas Mitchell, age 42, as the suspect. Yost’s office reported that Mitchell died of his wounds at a hospital in the Chillicothe region following the incident.

According to Yost’s office, Sgt. Eric Kocheran was wounded at approximately 5:00 p.m. after a “gunfire exchange” with Mitchell outside the police enforcement center at 28 N. Paint St. The footage appears to depict Mitchell firing a gunshot that hit Kocheran in the upper body. Then, Kocheran can be seen shooting back and striking Mitchell, causing him to fall to the ground.

Why Did the Man Shoot the Deputy?

Kocheran’s body camera footage shows Mitchell approaching the door and requesting more officers. Kocheran is heard asking Mitchell, “What’s happening?”

Mitchell can be heard speaking to Kocheran, “Someone said they’ll hurt my family, and they want me to hurt children, and I can’t do it.” So, I got to do this.

The video from Kocheran’s body camera depicts Mitchell drawing a gun and pointing it at Kocheran. Kocheran attempted numerous times to convince Mitchell to lower the firearm before firing multiple shots.

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What Happened After the Shooting?

According to the sheriff’s office, Mithcell was rushed to a hospital in the Chillicothe region, where he later passed away. Kocheran was taken by ambulance to Grant Medical Center in Columbus.

The sheriff’s office reported that Kocheran was stable on Thursday evening. Still, Yost’s office reported on Friday that he remained in “severe condition” at Grant Medical Center in Columbus.

Police tape was used to separate off the parking lot behind the jail. Several entities, including the Chillicothe Police Dept and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), assisted in the inquiry. Pickaway County Sheriff’s Office deputies and the Ross County Prosecutor, Jeff Marks, were also there.

Dave Yost, the attorney general of Ohio, said in a statement released Friday, “Every officer puts on their uniform every morning realizing that today could be the day they face a devastating attack, but they still go to work.” “Sergeant Kocheran demonstrated the daily dose of courage. I need prayers for his recovery and his family, who are experiencing a tragedy I would not wish on anyone.”

Presently, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is examining the shooting. The BCI has investigated 55 officer-involved shootings this year, as per Yost.

Dillon Danis Brutally Punched By Anthony Taylor

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