How to Clean a Crystal Pipe

Your crystals are not simply pieces of stone. Crystals carry with them the energy that might put you at an advantage. So, the crystal in any form, be it a pipe or gem, all of them would require cleansing. The cleansing is a must because they absorb the energy from everything. By everything, I really mean everything, be it you, or the place you keep it, or another crystal you might put behind it, or the paper you have kept below it. It absorbs all their energy. That’s the reason every crystal holder always makes sure that they keep cleansing their crystal from time to time. So, how to clean a crystal pipe?

Well, cleansing has to be done not simply physically but also energetically. I will help you know ways to clean them in both ways.

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Physical cleansing

Let’s first talk about how to physically clean a crystal pipe before we learn how to cleanse them energetically. The ways you can clean the crystal pipes physically are:

  • Using rubber alcohol

To use this technique, we will first create some salt water. So, warm the water and add a tablespoon of salt to it. Once your salt water is prepared, add a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol. Now, move it back and forth to ensure that both the outside and the insides get cleaned. After about 20 minutes, pull the pipe out and let it dry. You can also dab it gently with a paper towel to help it dry quickly.

  •  Using dish soap

Heat the water for this technique. Once heated, put a few drops of dish soap in it and stir until it starts getting sloppy. You can also remove the pipe and let it be cleaned in the container. Once you are done cleaning, use a paper towel on the surface where you will keep the crystal pipe and let it dry or dab it to quicken the drying process.

  • Distilled water

First, remove the filter from the crystal pipe. Now, you are ready to clean your crystal pipe. Put the crystal pipe into distilled water. Be careful while using this method to avoid burning your hand. Allow the crystal to cleanse for about half an hour, and then pull out the crystal pipe. Make sure that the crystal is not sticky. It should be clean. Now you can let it dry. Use a piece of cotton to clean the inner portion.

Well, these were the methods on how to clean a crystal pipe.

Energetic Cleansing

Cleaning your crystals energetically is as important as cleaning them physically. You might not want the crystal pipe to carry the negative energy and pass it on to you because you never know where negative energy may come from. So, keep cleaning your crystal’s energy, so it can efficiently serve its purpose.

Ways to cleanse the crystal pipes energetically are as follows:

  • Sunlight or moonlight

To cleanse the energy of your crystals, you can simply put them under sunlight or moonlight. But also check for your specified crystals whether they do get clean under moonlight or sunlight, as some crystals can be cleansed under both of them, while others may get clean either under moonlight or sunlight.

  • Earth

The element of the earth also helps in cleaning the crystal pipe. You can plant them under the dirt. The soil will help the crystal cleanse its energy.

  • Fire
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Burn an incense stick or dried sage. Their smoke is believed to cleanse the crystal energetically. Most crystal owners love this technique. You simply have to hold your crystal pipe for five minutes under the smoke of an incense stick or dried sage. It will clean up under the smoke.

  • Water
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The element of water is used to clean your crystal pipe, not just physically but also energetically. You can place your crystal in seawater or the water streams. That will cleanse your crystals and give them new vibes. But be mindful of losing them because if you put them directly into the sea or river stream, they may get carried away. Or try using a mesh bag that allows the water to flow in and out and, at the same time, ensures your grip on the crystal.

Wrapping Up

Your crystal pipe is your gateway to connect to the body chakras or to perform rituals. Sometimes, people also carry it with them wherever they are going. So, knowing how to clean a crystal pipe is very important. Remember to clean them on a regular basis. It not only helps you to filter your energy or to attract your manifestations but is also an excellent tool for your spiritual journey.

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