How to Clean Outdoor Griddle?

Have you had any success with your outdoor griddle? You may cook various delectable foods, from Sunday morning brunch to an evening BBQ with friends and family. But not without a shambles!

Grease accumulates fast while creating burgers, pancakes, bacon, or stir fry. Furthermore, flat tops have a larger surface area than traditional cooking grates, which means there is more to clean. That can’t just sit on your outside grill overnight.

Fortunately, it is simple to clean. Don’t let it deter you, though. We’ll teach you how to clean outdoor griddle so it’s gleaming clean the next time you fire it up.

When should an outdoor griddle be cleaned?

Timing is everything when it pertains to cleaning an outdoor griddle. We strongly advise that you wash and season your new outdoor griddle before using it. This is done to eliminate any chemical residues and dust that have been collected.

We also suggest that you clean it after each usage to keep it in good condition. We’ll go through how to clean outdoor grill down below. Routine servicing and cleaning are essential for maintaining your Blackstone Griddle in good working order.

How to clean outdoor griddle?

Before starting the guide on how to clean outdoor griddles, let’s first understand what all types of equipment will be required to clean the griddle.

What You Need

  • Steel wool, medium grit sandpaper, or grill stone
  • Oil
  • Scraper for the griddle
  • Paper Towels

The Steps

  1. Begin by putting a thin coating of cooking oil on the griddle’s surface while it is still cool. Then, preheat the griddle until it reaches cooking temperature, then clean it thoroughly with a grill stone or steel wool pad.
  2. Pour some warm water on the surface once you’ve finished scrubbing it. This aids in the removal of grease accumulation. Because the surface is totally flat, extra caution is required to avoid burning oneself.
  3. After the surface has cooled slightly, use your sandpaper or griddle pad to scrape the whole surface away. You should avoid putting too much force on it. The grease and burnt particles will come off quite easily at this stage.
  4. Before wiping off the surface with a paper towel, thoroughly rinse it.
  5. Make careful to oil the grill’s sides and corners as well.
  6. Keep all burners on high heat until the oil burns off, and the smoke stops.
  7. Repeat until your paper towels are no longer gathering up residue from the griddle surface.
  8. The last step is to season the griddle, and before continuing with the re-seasoning, make sure the surface has dried completely. It must be fully dry and clean.

What are the advantages of having an outdoor griddle?


Unsurprisingly, outdoor griddles are famous for adding flavor to our favorite dishes. What you may not realize is that griddles can taste dishes to perfection. While grills are famous for producing the dreaded “grill marks,” the smooth surface of an outdoor griddle enables you to sear items along the edges for a nicely browned crust.

Whether it’s beef or tuna, you can coat a steak in your favorite spices, put it on the griddle, and in no time, you’ll have a spice-infused piece of meat.

Normal Heat Distribution

With its huge flat surface, a griddle functions effectively as a giant frying pan or wok, allowing heat to flow uniformly across the griddle.

Social Experience

One of the finest ways to get everyone engaged at backyard gatherings is to gather visitors around a griddle for a teppanyaki-style cook session.


The last and most important advantage of owning an outdoor griddle is its durability. Stainless steel is often used to make griddles. Since stainless steel doesn’t rust, you can keep it for many years before it starts to break down. It can also handle meals that are sticky or oily, so you won’t have a lot of food stuck to it and no way to clean it.

What is the significance of seasoning?

Seasoning forms a protective coat/layer on the griddle surface, acting as a barrier against external variables such as water and humidity. The coating protects the metal surface from harm and prevents corrosion.

A well-seasoned griddle is comparable to a nonstick surface. Cooking on a seasoned griddle with excellent oils and fats improves the nonstick coating. It also creates a flavorful finish that improves your cooking experience. A seasoned griddle lasts longer and is much easier to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it difficult to maintain a griddle?

Certainly not! Every cooking machine (even a campfire) requires some upkeep. So, in the instance of a griddle, it’s a piece of cake. There is no need for washing, brushing, or drying. Seasoning is the sole factor that requires consideration. 

It creates a nonstick surface, which keeps your dishes from sticking to the griddle. Essentially, it all boils down to oil for seasoning and proper storage after usage.

  • Can vinegar be used to clean an outdoor griddle?

Another method for cleaning an outdoor griddle is to use vinegar. And this is how it’s done: Pour vinegar over the griddle’s cooking surface, then scrub it using a scouring pad until it’s squeaky clean. When it is clean, wipe the surface with a paper towel.

  • What is causing the food to stick to your outdoor griddle?

Cooking oil and burned food particles collect on the stovetop when you don’t clean your grill correctly, causing food to cling. Furthermore, over-seasoning your grill stovetop with oil might cause it to become sticky.

  • How long can outdoor griddles be used?

If properly maintained, an outdoor griddle should last 15 to 20 years. After each usage, clean the griddle. Before it cools and hardens, be careful to remove all of the grease and baked-on food..


We have now finished our discussion of how to clean outdoor griddle. We’ve tried to explain things in a way that’s easy to understand, and we’ve mentioned tools that are easy to find at home.

Outdoor griddles are a culinary enthusiast’s dream. However, like all wonderful things, they require regular cleaning and upkeep to remain in perfect shape. So, to keep your griddle in tip-top shape, follow our guide.

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