The Jeans You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign If You’re a Mom Jean or More Of A Skinny Jean

A timeless pair of jeans is probably a fashion mainstay in every person’s closet. A reliable pair of denim pants is essential, whether you dress them down with booties and a blouse or dress them up with sneakers and a t-shirt. But those days of everyone dressing in the same basic jeans are long gone; there are now a plethora of fits and styles available, ranging from contemporary mom jeans and flares to straight-leg and bootcut classics. Astrologer and gem specialist Danelle Ferreira and tarot reader and astrologer Hana O’Neill were engaged to assist you narrow down your options by providing their professional thoughts on the jeans that correspond with your zodiac sign. For your denim directory, continue reading.

The Jeans You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Straight Leg Jeans

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Known for their bold and confident personality, Aries individuals gravitate towards fashion that reflects their fierce nature. Embracing bold colors like red or fiery orange, Aries opts for clothing that defies expectations. Straight leg jeans are a perfect match for their adventurous style, offering a vintage yet trendy look that complements their bold choices.

Taurus: Bootcut Jeans

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With a taste for luxury and elegance, Taurus individuals prioritize quality in their clothing choices. Bootcut jeans align with their refined tastes, offering a fitted silhouette that pairs seamlessly with boots, heels, or flats. Known for their longevity, a good pair of bootcut jeans resonates with Taurus’ appreciation for enduring quality.

Gemini: High-Rise Jeans

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Always eager to explore new trends, Geminis enjoy experimenting with their style. Vibrant and playful outfits suit their dynamic personality, allowing them to stand out effortlessly. High-rise jeans offer a flattering fit that adapts to Geminis’ versatile fashion preferences, allowing them to effortlessly transition from casual to statement looks.

Cancer: Boyfriend Jeans

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Cancers value comfort and coziness, preferring laid-back and easy-to-wear clothing. Boyfriend jeans embody their relaxed approach to fashion, offering a slouchy fit that exudes casual coolness. Ideal for lounging or running errands, boyfriend jeans provide comfort without compromising style for the zodiac’s homebodies.

Leo: Cropped Jeans

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Confident and passionate, Leo loves to make a statement with their fashion choices. They gravitate towards bold colors, patterns, and luxurious fabrics that command attention. Cropped jeans align with their eye-catching style, offering a trendy yet sophisticated option to showcase their creativity and confidence.

Virgo: Skinny Jeans

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Practical and detail-oriented, Virgos prioritize simplicity and elegance in their wardrobe. Neutral colors and understated designs appeal to their refined tastes, emphasizing a less-is-more approach to fashion. Skinny jeans offer a timeless and versatile option for Virgos, reflecting their preference for classic yet chic attire.

Libra: Flare Jeans

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Known for their charm and social grace, Libras enjoy dressing up in classic and elegant pieces. They strive for balance in their outfits, blending trendy elements with timeless sophistication. Flare jeans embody their tastemaker status, offering a stylish nod to retro fashion while maintaining a polished appearance.

Scorpio: Black Jeans

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Passionate and intense, Scorpios are drawn to dark and edgy pieces that exude mystery and allure. Black jeans resonate with their moody aesthetic, providing a versatile base for creating bold and impactful looks. Whether for daytime casual or nighttime drama, black jeans offer Scorpios a wardrobe essential that complements their magnetic presence.

Sagittarius: Capri Jeans

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Independent and adventurous, Sagittarians embrace unconventional and free-spirited fashion choices. They prioritize comfort and versatility, opting for pieces that accommodate their active lifestyle. Capri jeans offer a lightweight and breathable option for Sagittarians, allowing them to explore and express their creativity with ease.

Capricorn: Mom Jeans

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Practical and traditional, Capricorns appreciate timeless and well-tailored pieces that exude confidence and professionalism. They prioritize comfort without compromising style, opting for classic designs with enduring appeal. Mom jeans align with Capricorns’ sophisticated sensibilities, offering a comfortable yet chic option for their versatile wardrobe.

Aquarius: Ripped Jeans

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Innovative and progressive, Aquarians embrace unique and unconventional fashion choices that reflect their independent spirit. They enjoy standing out from the crowd with edgy and eclectic pieces that spark curiosity and conversation. Ripped jeans capture Aquarians’ rebellious nature, adding a cool and casual edge to their eclectic style

Pisces: Acid Wash Jeans

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Sensitive and dreamy, Pisces individuals are drawn to soft and romantic pieces that reflect their gentle nature. They effortlessly blend into their surroundings, adapting their style to suit different moods and environments. Acid wash jeans offer a youthful and relaxed option for Pisces, reflecting their laid-back approach to fashion with a touch of vintage nostalgia.

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